Thursday, March 12, 2009


To review a book, you must give it a rating, right? Without the rates, you will only read long paragraphs of what I think about the book, but in the end, you wouldn't know the conclusion. Is it travel across the world for it -worthy or just another book that you won't regret not reading?

For that, I've cracked my brain and
came up with a new rating system :

Elements ;

1. Shocking Factor - /10 *This shows how surprising the storyline goes. Does it shock the readers or is it predictable?
2. Thrilling Factor - /10 *This includes how exciting the words are. Would readers be eager to read more?
3. Funny Factor - /10 *This mostly consist of the conversation and how they cope up on life without forgetting the phrase, laughter is the best medicine.
4. Honesty Factor - /10 *This requires a true voice. How the characters goes on with life and seeing it the way it is leaving out all the superficiality.
5. Originality Factor - /10 *How original the storyline is. The whole elements of it. The plot.


Narrator's Voice - /10 *Depends on the uniqueness of the narrator and how they carry the story.

Overall conclusion - *well, the title says it all huh?


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