Monday, March 16, 2009

Fantasy : In or Out? Yes or No?

So you might call me a noob when it comes to fantasy books. My first take on fantasy (a.k.a vampires and all) was Twilight. Oh wait, I read Ever before that. I think? Or was it after? ---- Shit. I sound like someone who has amnesia.

Well, either way. I wasn't that big fan of fantasy books. There is just something ridiculous about it. I couldn't take in reading about flying monkeys and flesh eating monsters. Gross, I used to say. The only close thing I've come to read fantasy books are fairytale. Which was how I fell in love with Gail Carson Levine. She writes the most magical-- anyway, back to the point. The first book I read of this genre was Twilight. At least, I think. The book ended my prejudice over fantasy books. I didn't really jumped on reading all the books but I wasn't as cynical as I used to be. I will read the book jacket instead of just passing it by like I used to.

My friend actually laughed her arse out when I told her of my sudden interest in this book genre. I know, she's mean. Anyway, I was simply minding my own business on the web a.k.a searching about books when really, I feel like these fantasy books are really interesting and I felt like Oh GOD! I need to buy all of it.

Some of the books that I want to know more about are :

Evermore by Alyson Noel
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Jessica's Guide to Dating The Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey
A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
Swoon by Nina Malkin



  1. My favorite type of fantasy is Earth-based - familiar and yet somehow different whether it is paranormal, dystopic, or fairytale retelling. I am not really in to fantasy where you go to a "whole new world" with a bunch of weird creatures.

  2. i'm proud of u tiqs. u used to tease me for reading fantasy.haha.BUT, i hv to disagree and say that those kind of fantasies can't really be categorized as fantasies. and they're just really mediocre.and those are the fantasies that i guess appeal more to female fans.u know what i mean? like it won't catch the eye of both male and female.and you call it fantasy. while you're at it,why not go big with it? why not get carried away?well, not too carried away, but just enough to get readers anxious on what's gonna happen next. Cos' no offense, when I read books like these ones, sometimes I don't get the gripping factor that you're supposed to get from those gruesome fantasies.They seem slow and dull at times.

    But that's just my point of view. My own they say, to each his own :)

  3. Yeah, I know what you're saying, I used to read mystery and some fantay but not paranormal like twilight, so after finishing it, my paranormal spirit woke up XD.

    Those books are amazing I want to read Swoon and The Hunger Games, and I've read the other three.
    I also have posted my reviews of Evermore and
    Jessica's Guide to Dating The Dark Side, so if you want to know more about them you can pass by

    P.s: I've just started following your blog, I love it!