Sunday, March 15, 2009

Comparing Covers ; Sarah Dessen.

It is no shocking relevation that Sarah Dessen writes the best books. I've only had the chance to read 4 of her books out of all 8. And she never dissapoint me with her words. She takes readers to a journey with her character where we get to see what's inside their heart. She explores the true meaning of life. She makes us see what life really is all about. She is exceptionally an enchanting author.

But we are not here to talk about her amazing work. Instead, we are to talk about her covers. Undeniably, her covers are just as beautiful as her work. Unlike most books,it does put the book to justice. Some, I know only buys her book because of her eye-catching covers but they won't be dissapointed with the inside.

The UK cover of Lock and Key is out at her blog so I had this idea to compare her covers. UK's covers are more cartoonish while the US's version is more realistic.

Which one do you prefer better?

(hard cover)

( paperback cover out on May '09 )






  1. I like the UK covers better. They're a lot more fun!

  2. I definitely love the paperback for Lock and Key better than both hardcover versions. I might actually go out and buy it... I've been meaning to buy all the Sarah Dessen books, since I've read them all, but don't own them all...


  3. I LOVe the paperback cover for Lock and Key. And I heart all the US covers. :D


  4. Sarah Dessen's covers are always really awesome. I prefer the US covers to the ones from the UK and I prefer the Lock and Key paperback to the hardcover. :)

  5. She is an amazing author. And her books are amazing! I recommend "The Truth About Forever" (You will fall inlove with Wes..I know I did!).. "Someone Like You" is also an amazing book about friendship and it taught me ALOT! Also "Along for the Ride" was GREAT! Probably my favourite of them all. The characters are very out-going. And I loved Eli.

  6. I like the US versions of the books better because they match the tone of the books.

  7. i love the paper back us cover for just listen with the girl and the headphones

  8. Ilove the covers of the US. they´re more girly and they give us an idea about tje content of the book