Thursday, April 16, 2009

Review ; Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols


All Meg has ever wanted is to get away. Away from high school. Away from her backwater town. Away from her parents who seem determined to keep her imprisoned in their dead-end lives. But one crazy evening involving a dare and forbidden railroad tracks, she goes way too far...and almost doesn’t make it back.

John made a choice to stay. To enforce the rules. To serve and protect. He has nothing but contempt for what he sees as childish rebellion, and he wants to teach Meg a lesson she won’t soon forget. But Meg pushes him to the limit by questioning everything he learned at the police academy. And when he pushes back, demanding to know why she won’t be tied down, they will drive each other to the edge—and over...

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Elements ;

1. Shocking Factor - 8.5/10
2. Thrilling Factor - 9.5/10
3. Funny Factor - 8.5/10
4. Honesty Factor - 10/10
5. Originality Factor - 10/10


Narrator's Voice - 9.7/10

Overall conclusion
- I read this book through one sitting, but that doesnt mean a thing. What matters is that, the moment I finish reading it, (while grinning like an idiot) I re-read it again. I agree with most of the other reviews I've come across with because this book is hot! It's real, fast and it'll take up your whole heart until you never want to let go. Going Too Far is really, simply about how everything happens for a reason. Meg is wild, she's unruly, she's fierce and she hates to be tied down. The book is similar to her. What I don't like : the beginning-of-the-ending is too rushed and abrupt. One minute they are blaming each other, and in the next they are planning their future. Another 3 pages or so wouldn't hurt. I've read in an interview that Echols was tentative on writing Chapter 14. Well, I'm glad she did. Its one of the chapter where I could really connect with Meg.

Meg is going to be one of my favourite character from now on, if only because she is so outspoken, powerful yet complicated. The complexity and intensity of John and Meg's relationship is the main reason you won't be able to put the book down. This novel deals with matters close to heart like holding back, giving up and trust. This is one of those novels that you could always relate to even if you won't ever get arrested or don't have blue hair.

My favourite thing about the book would be for how 'jarring and in-your-face' it is. Although I've known from the start that John is 19, Meg was so convincing that I really believed he's 40. And that is a good thing, because sometimes books are so plain obvious you just want to smack the character for not realising it from the beginning. Really. Jennifer Echols did a great job on ringing the truth in Meg's voice. I also adore John's character, especially his over-protectiveness over Meg. Echols really knows how to create adorable boys that you can't resist. (just look at Adam in The Boys Next Door) This book is definitely on my all time favourite list.


  1. Awesome review.
    Are all of you conspiring against me?
    I really want to read this one but I could not do it yet.
    So many good reviews about this one!

  2. I recently finished this one and need to post my review. I liked it too-John is pretty hot.

  3. Great review! I cannot wait to read this one!

  4. I am really looking forward to this book! Excellent review.

  5. Not many books I go back and read again immediately. I did have to go back and read parts of Shelter Me after I was done because I wanted to see how he set up the huge twists!

  6. I read this book and haven't put a review up yet, but I loved Meg, too. Her character was amazing. so glad you enjoyed this book.

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  9. I've always really liked the cover of this one. :)

    Oh, and thanks for commenting on my Sarah Dessen Challenge post. I'm really looking forward to re-reading her books!