Friday, July 31, 2009

Review ; First Night by Tom Weston

ABOUT THE BOOK/: Alexandra O’Rourke, aged 16, is not a happy camper. It's New Year’s Eve. She should be partying in San Diego with her friends, but instead she is stuck in Boston, with just her younger sister, Jackie, for company. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she is being haunted by Sarah, the ghost of a seventeenth century Puritan. Oh, and there is the small matter of the charge of witchcraft to be sorted out.

Armed only with big shiny buttons and a helping of Boston Cream Pie, the sisters set out to restore the Natural Order. Can Alex solve the mystery of the Devil’s Book? Can Jackie help Sarah beat the sorcery rap? And can they do it before the fireworks display at midnight? Because this is First Night - and this is an Alex and Jackie Adventure.

(taken from


Elements ;

1. Shocking Factor - 8/10
2. Thrilling Factor - 7/10
3. Funny Factor - 9/10
4. Honesty Factor - 8/10
5. Originality Factor - 9/10


Narrator's Voice - 8.5/10

Overall conclusion
-I didn't know what to expect of this book. I've never been a fan of mysteries or anything ghost related. The first few chapters were dragging but after I got the hang of the story, I finally realised the necessity of the introduction. Tom Weston writes beautifully, his words almost poetic. The conversations are mildly humorous. What I felt very strongly about this book was how strong the characters are. My favourite would be Jackie for her jokes and sarcasm. The plot wasn't very suspensful but its good enough to make you curious about what happens next. When I'm not reading the book, I'm trying to guess how Sarah can prove that she's not into witchcraft. The journey in this novel is a very memorable one. I love how everything connects and while reading, I was very eager to connect the dots. I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome of the book and glad that I picked this novel as a turning point for me to venture in this type of genre. This would be a great pick for those who are trying to venture on the book genre. I look forward for the next Alex and Jackie adventure.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Contest End-Date!

Just wanted to let you guys know that the contest will end on this wednesday, 22nd of July 2009


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Review ; The Geek Girl's Guide To Cheerleading by Charity Tahmaseb and Darcy Vance

ABOUT THE BOOK/: When Bethany–self-proclaimed geek girl–makes the varsity cheerleading squad, she realizes that there’s one thing worse than blending in with the lockers: getting noticed. She always felt comfortable as part of the nerd herd, but being a member of the most scrutinized group in her school is weighing her down like a ton of textbooks.

Even her Varsity Cheerleading Guide can’t answer the really tough questions, like:

* How do you maintain some semblance of dignity while wearing an insanely short skirt?
* What do you do when the head cheerleader spills her beer on you at your first in-crowd party?
* And how do you know if your crush likes you for your mind or your … pom-poms?

One thing’s for sure: It’s going to take more than brains for this girl genius to cheer her way to the top of the pyramid.

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Elements ;

1. Shocking Factor - 9/10
2. Thrilling Factor - 9/10
3. Funny Factor - 8/10
4. Honesty Factor - 8/10
5. Originality Factor - 8/10


Narrator's Voice - 9/10

Overall conclusion
- Truthfully before I read it, I didn't know what to expect from this book. The title was cheesy enough to set me off especially since I'm trying to widen my range of genres in books. Also, the subject on cheerleading? Not my thing. I hate cheerleading. I always think its too superficial. What was amazing about this book is that it completely out ruled every assumptions I made. Don't let the cover and the title blind you! This is not just another cheesy case of cool boy-meets-geek girl--fallsinlove. In fact, while reading it, I didn't imagine Bethany being a geek girl at all which I guess is another way of showing that a label doesn't make you that person. The Geek Girl's Guide to Cheerleading is actually more about Bethany balancing her before-cheer and after-cheer life and less about cheerleading. In a nutshell, it's the story of finding yourself and not being someone from a label. The characters were lovable enough. The supporting character has an essence in them that relates them to the main characters. Oh and the fact that the first line of the book is similar to Pride and Prejudice? AWESOME. The Jane Austen fangirl inside of me was flabbergasted.

Oddly enough, Bethany and Jack reminds me of Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill. The fact that Jack isn't that stereotype jock makes it all the better. I really love how the authors makes Bethany's narrative voice so genuine and real instead of constantly making her sound like a total losergeek (after all, there's more to a person than being a geek / jock right? ). All in all, this is a great novel by two awesome debut author. The simplicity in the words and the easiness in the plot makes the novel a good read for a rainy evening.

Resembles the writing of Elizabeth Scott and Melissa Kantor, Charity Tahmaseb and Darcy Vance are definitely authors to look out for in the future!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Okay, so I'm a little bit excited because this will be my FIRST CONTEST!

I've had an idea of doing a giveaway on my birthday (1st June) because generally I wanted to do something good on my birthday. Sadly the plan didn't work out and I was left torn (Haha, dramatic) But then, I received an offer to set up a giveaway and here I am, conducting my first contest! (Okay okay. Mind the enthusiasm)

Anyway, to celebrate the release of paperback version for Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson, I will be giving away not 1, ot 2, but 5 copy of it!! I couldn't have choosed a more perfect title. You've heard of Maureen Johnson, haven't you? The author with the blog that talks about Robert Pattison's autobiography and her notorious Ask Mj meme. You haven't heard of her?! Have you been living under a rock? Go straight to her website right now!!

Okay, I'm not forcing and all, but you better enter this contest or I will.. Erm, I will..

I don't know yet but I will *something* you. lol.

Here is you chance to win a fabulous book by the ever fabulous Maureen Johnson.

To enter, all you have to do is :
#Leave a comment (I know, it's so easy!)*

To gain extra entries for more better chances on winning the book :
+1 If you follow me
+2 If you reblog about this contest / post it on the sidebar of your blog. Make sure to leave me the link!
+3 If you tell me your favourite Maureen Johnson and why (this has nothing to do with creativity since I'm going to pick out the winners randomly. Let's just say I like to read your opinions :D )

I will be choosing the winners randomly so all you have to do is enter and let's see if luck is on your side.

Oh yeah, I've decided to make this contest international -- well, that's really obvious since I'm international myself. lol.

This contest will go on for 3 or 4 weeks. I will let you know.

About the book : When Scarlett Martin turns fifteen she is put in charge of the Empire Suite, one of the rooms in her family’s hotel. Enter Mrs. Amberson, an aging C-list starlet who decides to employ Scarlett. Soon, she is taking dictation, running around New York City, and getting caught up in Mrs. Amberson’s crazy adventures. In the midst of it all, Scarlett falls in love–or so she thinks–and it takes Mrs. Amberson to help her see the light. Now in paperback from top-selling author Maureen Johnson!

For more information regarding the book, click here : Suite Scarlett

If you are cursed / doomed to have bad luck, just go and buy the book at
Amazon or Barned and Noble. You will not regret it.

Last but not least, head your way to Maureen's blog and be prepared to laugh your heart out.


*please be sure to leave me your e-mail address.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Author's Lines 1

Authors sometimes have a knack for writing the same stuffs (unimportant) in their books. Because I am relately bored or just mildly curious. Here is some of what I found :


sweet 16- page 250.

Teagan finally looked at him and saw the uncertainty in his stunning blue eyes.

the V club- page 169.

He glanced up at her and Eva could swear there was a hint of uncertainty in his eyes.


Two Way Street - page 4

"Do you want some coffee?" my mom asks, which is ridiculous because she know I don't drink coffe. Coffee stunts your growth. I'm only five-foot-two, and I...

Four Truths and a Lie - page 34

"Coffee stunts your growth," Crissa says, frowning.

"Well, I'm already five foot two." I take a bite of my apple.

What about you? Can you spot any similarites of sentences / words that authors use?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Review ; Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers

ABOUT THE BOOK/: Perfect Parker Fadley isn’t so perfect anymore. She’s quit the cheerleading squad, she’s dumped her perfect boyfriend, and she’s failing school. Her parents are on constant suicide watch and her counselors think she’s playing games… but what they don’t know, the real reason for this whole mess, isn’t something she can say out loud. It isn’t even something she can say to herself.
A horrible thing has happened and it just might be her fault.

(taken from


Elements ;

1. Shocking Factor - 8/10
2. Thrilling Factor - 7/10
3. Funny Factor - 9.5/10
4. Honesty Factor - 10/10
5. Originality Factor - 9.5/10


Narrator's Voice - 9.8/10

Overall conclusion
- One thing that really strucked to me while reading this novel was how honest and true the words are. For a debut novel, I find Courtney Summers very brave and for that, I admire her.
Perfection is always an issue and this novel explores the true meaning of perfection and that it isnt as glorious as it sounds. I can't say I enjoyed reading it because this is seriously not a book to enjoy and laugh about (although Parker's sarcasm was really funny). It does speaks to me and it was interesting to read from a different point of view. I can relate to Parker's problem with just wanting to get rid of everything. I think Parker is a great character and I love how she copes on with her problem.
One of the biggest aspect discussed in this novel is support. Although Parker has caused so many troubles, her friends, parent and teachers continue to support her from the start to the end. I find Chris very sweet and although I can't quit figure out his platonic/ romantic relationship with Parker until the middle of the book, I'd say he's very supportive and I'd love to have a friend like him. Jake Gaurdner in the other hand is really something. I'm a sucker for a guy who won't give up and Jake certainly is one. The conversations between Jake and Parker are certainly what aids to the funny part of the book. That and Parker's wit. My favourite part in this novel was the ending because eventhough it isn't a happy ending, I see it as a start to a happy ending.
Cracked Up To Be is a story told in a beautifully raw voice and it will continuously inspire a lot of people.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On Screen or On Print?

Since I've been for oh god so long, I've decided to come back and share with you guys about my opinion especially after I realise that I haven't been sharing that much with you guys. Sorry for being away for a long time but hopefully, I'm back now.

Does it ever cross your mind why so many books are being made into movies nowadays? Did the writer ran out of ideas or was the book so good that they just HAD to make it into a movie? Come on ; look at it. Twilight, Confession of a Shopaholic and Race To Witch Mountain are just a few to name. I admit, its exciting to hear that the book I've loved so much is brought alive, real characters in the real world. I always enter the cinema with high hopes only to have it crushed down every time the movie ended. I think it would be best if the producers would set a warning for us, *Warning : If You've Read The Book, You Are Tend To Be Disappointed* so we wouldn't be able to blame them every time we left the cinema. I completely understand that they can't exactly put the whole 300 pages into a one and a half hour movie but that won't stop me from complaining. Its just something that happens, because then who is to blame, right?

My choice would always be a book. Full stop. Its not that movies don't help but I'm more interested in knowing how the character develops, and I'm the kind who loves intense reading. I'm a lyric person. The one who listens to the lyrics and tries to understand the song rather than just dancing along to the beat (which is why Lady Gaga never appeals to me). I'm not entirely cutting out movies either, because there are a few movies based from a book that really gets to your heart. The best example would be Nicholas Spark's. Both The Notebook and A Walk to Remember holds a special space in my heart. I watched the movies first before I read the books so to find that the movie very similar to the novel was good. The directors really made the novels come to life. Actually, only Nicholas Spark's movies springs to mind when thinking about a great movie based on a novel. I haven't watched How To Deal (based on That Summer and Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen) or Speak( based on Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson) so I can't really judge.

When thinking about movies that doesn't put the novel to justice, Ella Enchanted springs to mind. That movie, was nothing, I repeat NOTHING like the book. I really love Ella Enchanted, its one of my all-time favourite. Truth is, I didn't know there was a movie based on the book until my aunt told me after I brought the book along to the airport a few years back. I was really flabbergasted to hear that news ( some might be because Im in love with Char) especially when she told me that Anne Hathaway was Ella. I love Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries (O ooh, that's a good example for a great movie, although I don't really like the the sequel). I only get the chance to see the movie last year. I was utterly speechless. Ella was a strong character, she's fun, she's real and she's lively, both in movie and novel. That's the only thing they have in common. I hated how shallow Prince Char was in the movie. He was supposed to be insightful, full of character. I also hated that they made the movie like a musical. I wanted more of Ella's conflict. All in all, it was a huge disappointment from a really great novel.

I am not a huge fan of books made into movies, (obviously) so I've held back my dreams of watching my favourite novels come to life. I in particular, do not want This Lullaby being made into a movie (disagreeing a lot of people's opinion that it would make a great movie) because I can't dare to see some loser playing Dexter Jones, the love of my life. But that's just my opinion.

After all this rambles, (which I'm sure bored you to death) I have came up with a conclusion. and that is, if you are looking for a laid back, relaxing time, then the movies are good but if you expect it to be something great, huge, then you are in your way to major let down. So, my suggestion would be watch the movie first. If you enjoy it, go and read the book and then you'll fall in love.

The End.

p/s; I haven't read If I Stay but from what I've heard its a fantastic novel. So what do you think of it being made into a movie?


Friday, May 15, 2009

She has rised from the dead.

Hey. Yeah, I know. I suck. So much has been going on lately that I simply don't have time to blog. (and I totally notice how lame I sound but that's the truth) You remember before when I had all the time in the world, I wasn't reading much books? Well, now I've been reading a lot and 24 hours a day is so not enough. Total irony is what it is.

Since I have some free time, I decided to do a post. Ensuring you that I wasn't kidnapped or whatsoever you think has happened to me.

Here's a heads up on what's going to be features in the next couple of weeks.

Review ;

Cracked Up To Be,

North Of Beautiful

Secret Life of Prince Charming

Lock and Key

City Of Bones


Challenge :

Em created a really cool challenge, the Sarah Dessen Challenge. Since I'm a total Dessen fan, I think I'm going to join. You guys should too!

Also, I'm thinking of doing an author week for every month. Its still early days but I think I have something here.

Oh and thanks to those who gave me awards, I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you but I really really appreciate it. You guys are amazing.