Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On Screen or On Print?

Since I've been for oh god so long, I've decided to come back and share with you guys about my opinion especially after I realise that I haven't been sharing that much with you guys. Sorry for being away for a long time but hopefully, I'm back now.

Does it ever cross your mind why so many books are being made into movies nowadays? Did the writer ran out of ideas or was the book so good that they just HAD to make it into a movie? Come on ; look at it. Twilight, Confession of a Shopaholic and Race To Witch Mountain are just a few to name. I admit, its exciting to hear that the book I've loved so much is brought alive, real characters in the real world. I always enter the cinema with high hopes only to have it crushed down every time the movie ended. I think it would be best if the producers would set a warning for us, *Warning : If You've Read The Book, You Are Tend To Be Disappointed* so we wouldn't be able to blame them every time we left the cinema. I completely understand that they can't exactly put the whole 300 pages into a one and a half hour movie but that won't stop me from complaining. Its just something that happens, because then who is to blame, right?

My choice would always be a book. Full stop. Its not that movies don't help but I'm more interested in knowing how the character develops, and I'm the kind who loves intense reading. I'm a lyric person. The one who listens to the lyrics and tries to understand the song rather than just dancing along to the beat (which is why Lady Gaga never appeals to me). I'm not entirely cutting out movies either, because there are a few movies based from a book that really gets to your heart. The best example would be Nicholas Spark's. Both The Notebook and A Walk to Remember holds a special space in my heart. I watched the movies first before I read the books so to find that the movie very similar to the novel was good. The directors really made the novels come to life. Actually, only Nicholas Spark's movies springs to mind when thinking about a great movie based on a novel. I haven't watched How To Deal (based on That Summer and Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen) or Speak( based on Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson) so I can't really judge.

When thinking about movies that doesn't put the novel to justice, Ella Enchanted springs to mind. That movie, was nothing, I repeat NOTHING like the book. I really love Ella Enchanted, its one of my all-time favourite. Truth is, I didn't know there was a movie based on the book until my aunt told me after I brought the book along to the airport a few years back. I was really flabbergasted to hear that news ( some might be because Im in love with Char) especially when she told me that Anne Hathaway was Ella. I love Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries (O ooh, that's a good example for a great movie, although I don't really like the the sequel). I only get the chance to see the movie last year. I was utterly speechless. Ella was a strong character, she's fun, she's real and she's lively, both in movie and novel. That's the only thing they have in common. I hated how shallow Prince Char was in the movie. He was supposed to be insightful, full of character. I also hated that they made the movie like a musical. I wanted more of Ella's conflict. All in all, it was a huge disappointment from a really great novel.

I am not a huge fan of books made into movies, (obviously) so I've held back my dreams of watching my favourite novels come to life. I in particular, do not want This Lullaby being made into a movie (disagreeing a lot of people's opinion that it would make a great movie) because I can't dare to see some loser playing Dexter Jones, the love of my life. But that's just my opinion.

After all this rambles, (which I'm sure bored you to death) I have came up with a conclusion. and that is, if you are looking for a laid back, relaxing time, then the movies are good but if you expect it to be something great, huge, then you are in your way to major let down. So, my suggestion would be watch the movie first. If you enjoy it, go and read the book and then you'll fall in love.

The End.

p/s; I haven't read If I Stay but from what I've heard its a fantastic novel. So what do you think of it being made into a movie?



  1. Actually, I personally really love watching book-inot-movies. I find it rather interesting to see how the actors play out the character and what was included in the book but left out in the film.

    Interesting post! I wasn't boring at all. :)

  2. Into! I meant into! and "It" wasn't boring at all.

  3. I didn't like the Ella Enchanted movie. I thought it left a ton out, but I loved Anna Hathaway! And I was really happy how HP movies were so true to the books.

  4. I ABSOLUTELY agree! I LOVE Gail Carson Levine and Ella Enchanted but the movie sucked in comparison. I mean the way they added those stupid cliches was... yuck.
    Another movie that was totally screwed is Eragon. The characters didn't look or act right and the ending was all wrong.